You’re All Set!

Congrats on taking this big first step toward your happiest, healthiest life!

I am SO excited to chat with you. In the mean time, here are 3 things to do before our session:

1.Fill Out The initial assessment form

Make sure you fill out the initial assessment form prior to our session. The more detailed and accurate, the better I can help you so don’t hold back!

2. Lab work

If you have any recent lab work you would like me to review as part of our session, please send lab work to at least 48 hours before our session. Please use the subject line “Nutrition Gameplan Sesssion - Lab work - Your Name” so that I can find it quickly and review it for you.

3. Other ways to keep in touch

If you’re not part of this crew already, be sure to join below for weekly emails! You can expect education, recipes, insider tips and discounts on some of my favorite things.

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