Happy First Birthday!

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I can't believe it's been a year already! Between building a business, planning a wedding and just trying to LIVE time is flying. I love how special days/anniversaries like this force me to slow down for a second and reflect. Without getting too sappy (it is Valentine's day after all) I want to express to you my sincere gratitude for being a part of this journey with me and helping me to continue to grow this year. Your support, engagement and feedback means the world to me and I just have SO much love for you! 

In this second year of blogging I aim to continue to build upon my mission to provide the tools, resources and expertise to help you find what works for you and put you in control of your health. You will find my top 5 lessons learned this year and the results from the year-end survey below. Those results will give you a good idea of what to expect this year. Feel free to comment below if there are other things you'd like to see! 

Top 5 lessons learned in the first year of running a website:

  • Done is better than perfect: you would be alarmed to see how many posts I have written and not published because they aren't perfect. My tendency toward perfectionism can be crippling when it comes to productivity and it is something I'm working on every single day. Whether you also create content or you can apply this to another avenue of your life, always remember that getting things DONE feels way better (and creates invaluable momentum) than striving for perfection. 
  • It's OK (and probably a good thing) to have opinions that not everyone agrees with: There are so many different opinions in the health space, especially when it comes to nutrition. Over the last year I have had times where I struggled to feel comfortable putting content out there that may be considered controversial, but you know what? That is the type of content that has resonated the most with you guys. Every day I aim to provide content and advice for you guys that aligns with the research, my interpretation of the research and my clinical experience - regardless of its popularity. 
  • There's no competition when you're authentically yourself: Sometimes I feel completely discouraged when I compare myself to others in this saturated industry. Setting boundaries on social media time helps tremendously in this category but so does honing in on what makes me different. Even though there are seemingly endless nutrition and health professionals out there, we all communicate our messages differently and excel in different avenues. This is a beautiful thing because each message lands differently for different people. When I am authentically myself I draw people whom my messaging resonates with.  
  • Schedule structure is a MUST for me: I have quickly found there are certain times of day where I am more creative than others and I need to protect this time if I'm going to produce consistent content. Rather than scheduling appointments at the gym at any given time, I made the switch to pick specific days/times to confine client appointments to in order to leave room in the schedule for content creation.  
  • Self care is crucial: The quote "you can't pour from an empty cup" holds SO true, especially in the helping professions. This is something I emphasize heavily with my clients but for some reason I took a long time to implement myself. Once I finally got over the unnecessary guilt for taking the time to step away from the computer, limit the amount of appointments in a day or say no to opportunities that didn't excite me I understood the value in taking care of myself. Whether it's a 10 minute meditation, reading a book for fun or taking walks during the work day, all of these things help me help my clients so much more effectively because I have more in my "cup" to pour into them.  

What's Ahead:

This past year has been a roller coaster of excitement, anxiety and fulfillment and I have learned a ton every single day. I am doing things I never anticipated I would get to do and am thoroughly enjoying it. Here's what's on the agenda over the next year:

  • continue to see clients at CrossFit Shorebreak
  • build on my services by offering lab testing that helps me provide the most customized recommendations possible 
  • continuing to be a part of the One3One Movement 
  • connect with brands and companies that align with my beliefs and can help you make healthy living easier
  • produce consistent and meaningful content for you here based on the survey results below 
  • I'm considering sharing more about my day-to-day and the wedding planning process (thoughts?) 
  • I hope to put out a course for you guys at some point this year - more on that later 

Survey Results:

2018 survey infographic

Thank you again for being a part of this with me! If you aren't on the list already, be sure to join below so you don't miss out on anything this year. Have a wonderful day!


-Kaely RD 

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