Faves & Finds 3

Happy Friday Friends! It's been an insane few weeks over here (hence the lack of posting) but there are a lot of exciting things to come soon! I started off today with a little jog at HB central park, I'm sipping my coffee as I write this post and then I've got a full day of client appointments standing between me and a weekend in Catalina for Kev's birthday! I've never been but I am SO excited to get out of town and do some hiking/snorkeling/wine drinking :)

 Here are a few of my favorites and new-to-me finds from the last few weeks, I hope they spark some creative ideas for your weekend grocery shopping or meal prep!

Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce (Trader Joe's)

I honestly wasn't ever a hot sauce kinda person until this spontaneous purchase a few weeks ago and now this obsession is reaching new levels. The whole "I put that shit on everything" saying really applies to this sauce - I seriously can't stop. The ingredient list is simple and clean and the flavor is bomb. I've been putting in on my eggs + cauli rice breakfast (pictured), on whatever proteins I've been cooking and I even added it to hummus. It's getting weird, guys. 

Chef's Cut Real Chicken Jerky (Costco)

Every time I go to Costco I peruse their "jerky" section but I am usually disappointed by the amount of ingredients and sugar added to the brands that they carry. UNTIL they started carrying this Chef's Cut brand! The Costco in HB has this buffalo chicken one as well as a standard beef jerky. The stats are good (12g of protein in 1 oz!), the ingredient list is pretty straightforward and the taste is 10/10. This bag is coming with us to Catalina for some quick protein that doesn't need refrigeration while we hike.






Wrawp Spirulina Gluten Free Pizza Crust

I don't know about you but I've tried making veggie-based pizza crusts a few too many times that have resulted in a time consuming, soggy mess that was nothing like pizza.  I saw these pizza crusts on Thrive Market (and have since seen them at Mother's Market) and decided to give them a try because the ingredients are great and the stats are awesome (15g of protein in 1 of these bad boys). They are actually really good! They've got a great flavor, were super convenient and easy to use. Disclaimer: this is definitely NOT a pizza equivalent, so if you're hoping this will do the trick for a major craving, think again. But if you want to change up your dinner game and want a healthy, veggie-based vessel to carry toppings to your mouth: this is for you! I topped these with some hummus, pizza sauce, chicken sausage, garlic, onion and herbs. 

Milkadamia Unsweetened Macadamia Milk (Mother's Market) 

I'm a big fan of nut-milks as long as they don't have a bunch of added sugar or emulsifiers that can upset my stomach. My only major complaint about almond milk: I really don't like it in coffee. It just does not taste good to me at all! Unless it's from Steelhead Coffee in Long Beach, not sure what type of sorcery they're using but their almond milk lattes are bomb. BUT to recreate that on my own at home, enter: macadamia milk. I tried this at Expo West and they were serving it in lattes at their booth and it was SO good. I finally found it locally and have been using it in coffee and matcha lattes! 









Pressed by KIND (Costco)

My style of workouts has changed dramatically over the years from almost 100% long, steady-state cardio to now lots of lifting and short but very intense bouts of cardio. I've found for myself (and it is well documented in the literature) that if I wait too long to eat after these workouts I just don't recover well. These little fruit and chia seed bars from KIND have worked so perfectly as a post-workout, simple carb source to replenish glycogen levels and ensure optimal muscle recovery - especially if I know I can't get to my next meal within the 30-60 minute window in which muscles are primed to take up glucose. 











That's all the food-related stuff for this week but before I go I want to leave you with a new favorite quote that I've been working hard at emulating (exciting updates to come soon!): 

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm going to be taking lots of pics of Catalina eats (and some treats) to share on here next week :) 


xo Kaely