Day of Eats

Coming at ya with some much lighter content this week! A really common question I get is what the heck do I eat in a day? I tried to document this for like 4 days in a row but I kept eating the food before taking a picture - sorry, your girl was hungry! I'd like to do this periodically because it helps give some easy recipe ideas (though I love to cook, I'm actually lazy AF during the week and will only spend 30 mins or less) and shows what a flexible-yet-balanced approach looks like. 

Threw the lemon away before the pic, oops! 

Threw the lemon away before the pic, oops! 

6:15 - wake up, take my temp with Daysy (that hormone balancing life) and force myself up out of bed. I don't know about you guys but I've been struggling to get out of bed post daylight-savings this year! 

6:45 - Drink a glass of water with about 1 tbsp ACV and 1/4 lemon while I look over my schedule and to-do list for the day.  


Anywhere from 7 to 8 am: I've found I feel the most satisfied if: my breakfast is high protein (around 30g), there's a good dose of fiber and I can satisfy both a sweet and savory craving within the meal. When I successfully do this I feel energized and ready to dive into the busy work day ahead. I've been eating my Everything (no) Bagel breakfast on repeat lately, and I change up the ratio of oats to cauli rice based on my activity level for the day. Since I knew on this day that I wasn't working out until 6pm, I kept it mostly cauli rice. This is such a filling breakfast because of the protein, fiber and the volume that the cauli rice provides! As for my sweet craving, I am obsessed with mixing chocolate dynamic greens into my coffee (tons of nutrients in a mocha? yes please). 

breakfast oats and coffee

8:30-12 ish - client appointments + prep/emails. I also started up the crock pot at some point for an easy dinner later. 


Lunches are leftovers for me almost every day because it's quick! This was a bed of greens topped with leftover buffalo shredded chicken, leftover baked sweet potato and some olive oil + vinegar. Having this kind of balance between carbs/protein/fat keeps my brain sharp and my energy up for the rest of my appointments. I almost always have a La Croix with lunch too! (the addiction is REAL)

12:30/1:00 - Break up sedentary time with a walk in the park or at the beach if time permits. This is a HUGELY important part of my day both mentally and physically. I love my jobs but the downside is that I have to sit through all of my appointments (I guess I could stand but it would be awkward). With anywhere from 3-7 appts/day that is 3-7 hrs of SITTING. I try to get up and move around in between sessions when I have the chance but these walks are everything. I usually listen to some kind of podcast or music and enjoy the sunshine.  

2:00-5:30: back to work with client appointments, blog content, crossfit nutrition articles and responding to emails. I always have my huge Hydroflask with me and probably drink 4 of these 32 oz bad boys every day. 

Huntington Beach Central Park! Didn't even know this was less than a mile from me until a few months ago. 

Huntington Beach Central Park! Didn't even know this was less than a mile from me until a few months ago. 

Beverage station + motivational quotes next to my makeshift "standing desk" - AKA pile of old text books ;) 

Beverage station + motivational quotes next to my makeshift "standing desk" - AKA pile of old text books ;) 


Around 2 I was feeling pretty hungry again so I listened and grabbed a protein bar from Costco. These are very similar to Quest bars (high protein/high fiber) but they don't upset my stomach like quest bars usually do. Honestly, I'm not sure why these ones sit well with me because the ingredients are pretty similar but they are filling, have a good carb/pro/fat balance and they taste good so I'm goin' with it! 

I've been on a matcha kick lately because it gives me some energy in the afternoon without overdoing it on the caffeine. Fun fact about tea: it contains a compound called L-Theanine that helps to reduce cortisol and keep you calm - yes please! 

4/4:30- on gym days I usually make a smoothie at this time. I blend up coconut milk, 1-1.5 scoops VeroVive Pure Whey Protein, 1 scoop of Thorne Fibermend, a handful frozen zucchini and about a cup of frozen mixed berries. This gives me the carbs + protein + a little fat that I need to get through a tough workout. Tip: blend your smoothie with minimal fluids so you can eat it with a spoon and tell yourself it's ice cream :) 

6:00-7:00 - Workout! I look so forward to this time everyday because it is 1 hour that I can dedicate fully to myself. I used to be an early morning exerciser, but I've gotta say working out at the end of the day has been a great way to decompress/destress after a busy work day. Today's workout:

  • Weightlifiting: Banded Deadlifts (10x2), Weighted Hip Thrusters (3x10)
  • Conditioning: 500m row, 500m run, 400m row, 400m run, 300m row, 300m run, 200m row, 200m run, 100m row, 100m run (for time) 


7:30/8:00 ish - Since I'm working out later in the day, my dinners HAVE to be quick to put together otherwise I'm not eating until 9 and that's not optimal from an exercise recovery - or hanger - standpoint. Tonight was a serving of my Easiest Crockpot Stew over rice (since it's post workout) and some shaved brussels because #veggies. I used to be ridiculously afraid of carbs, thinking that they would sabotage my body composition efforts but avoiding them made me tired, cranky and actually stopped me from losing body fat because I was trying to get through glycolytic workouts (carb-burning/high intensity) with no carbs. We are all unique and require a different balance of macros that has to match our activity level, our health conditions and style of training. If you're not seeing results on your current plan it is probably a sign it's not the right fit for you and that is OK - the "perfect" plan is the one that works for you and makes you feel good!  

Crockpot meals, why you gotta look so ugly in photos?

Crockpot meals, why you gotta look so ugly in photos?

Bed Time Snack -

Switching my training from mornings to evenings and from steady state cardio to high intensity/strength training causes some issues with my sleep if I don't stay on top of it. If I don't have an appropriate bed time snack and post-exercise routine, I wake up around 3am with a racing heart - not the best way to set yourself up for success the following day. This is a tell-tale sign of elevated cortisol. While we do want cortisol to elevate during exercise (helps us rise to the demand of the workout) we want to bring it down quickly afterwards to prevent continued muscle catabolism (breakdown) and to be able to release melatonin in order to sleep deeply. I'll talk more about this in an upcoming post on exercise recovery, but for now know that the right combination of carbohydrates, fats and (if post-workout) a little slow digesting protein help me sleep like a baby!  Oh, and the ~400mg of magnesium glycinate before bed is miraculous! 

Mixed berries (carb) + nut butter (fat) + lactose free kefir (slow digesting casein protein) + cinnamon (bonus) 

Mixed berries (carb) + nut butter (fat) + lactose free kefir (slow digesting casein protein) + cinnamon (bonus) 

Thanks so much for reading! I hope it gave you a few ideas you can incorporate into your day to day. Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything you'd like to hear more about! I'll get better at documenting my intake before eating it, I promise :)