Diving In.

First blog post...yikes... here it goes! 

My name is Kaely. Im an RD, a CPT and a lover of food puns (in fact, I had to be convinced not to call this blog "Kael yeah"...you know who you are). I've been wanting to do this for such a long time but I kept waiting thinking there was a "perfect time" or I needed more experience/education/etc. But I finally decided: screw it! I've had lots of education, a ton of client experience and a voice that would love to be heard! I am so excited it has finally become a reality!

Photos by Sierra Anderson

Photos by Sierra Anderson

I love helping people learn to live their best lives, uncover the things that are holding them back and translate complicated nutrition & fitness research into usable, straight-forward advice. I get to do these things every day which is amazing but I have wanted a platform to share these ideas and insights with all of you and now it's here and, more importantly, YOU'RE here!

A little about me

I have been an RD for almost 4 years now and in that time (and the years leading up to it) I have learned, changed and grown a TON. The experiences I've had allow me to make recommendations that are supported by research, I've seen in my coaching clients or I have experienced myself. 

I have experience working in corporate wellness, the fitness industry and now split my time between working as a womens' health specialist at an OB/GYN in Long Beach and a Dietitian Coach for the skype-based coaching company Healthy Simple Life (founded/owned by Dietitian Cassie!). I LOVE my jobs. 

When I'm not working you can find me spending with my incredible fiance Kevin at the beach, drinking coffee, hiking, at CrossFit or at the grocery store/in my kitchen whipping up something fantastic to share with you here!   

My vision for kaelyRD

I want this to be a home for clear science, trusted information and practical advice to help anyone enjoy living a healthy life.

I want this to be a hub for companies, organizations and brands looking for product exposure, recipe development, menu tweaks and writing contributions. 

I want this to be a place that SoCal residents can go to hire an engaging and informative guest speaker or grocery tour. 

Most importantly, I want kaelyRD to evolve into whatever it is YOU need to be successful. From articles and recipes to video cooking demos and workout ideas. 


thanks for reading! Stay tuned for much, much more

xoxo Kaely 

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